We have married the magic of the digital web experience with the science of tested, innovative web applications enabling your company to connect, ideate, create and crunch data like never before.

On June 30th, 2014, Gatelets premiered the MyPurMist web ecosystem — a brand new web initiative complete with a revamped user interface, cutting-edge shopping environment that integrates with fulfillment centers and a sophisticated commerce, conversion and Analytics integration.

Responsive Design

A clean responsive design enables the consumer to see the site on any device

Powerful Shopping

Integrated with a fulfillment center and Google's conversion & Analytics packages

Content in Context

All content is automatically tagged and linked to key concepts enabling users to see information in context of their symptoms.

Custom Search

Using Gatelets Core and unique content indexing, the site provides an intelligent search and binning of content results

Analytics & Reporting

Powerful Analytics & reporting enables MyPurMist to see exactly the activity and trends taking place — from content viewing to commerce actions

Creative Design

Custom icons and imagery along with a clean minimalist design approach provides a stunning viewing experience

New ScentPad! Visit MyPurMist.com

Matarozzi Pelsinger clearly stands apart from their competitors. This is illustrated in their amazing craftsmanship, a desire to build beautiful homes and a focus on people. Gatelets has worked closely with MPB for over 3 years and in this time other companies have tried to replicate what they have done and each time failed. Why? MPB understands that the online world takes time and effort — beyond the flashy launch. The simplicity you see within their site is not by chance - it is intended. It is deliberate. Everything they do is deliberate and matters...

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Custom(er) Brilliance

Break out of the box and compete in a world of increasingly connected devices and business systems. Streamlined in appearance and functionality, our sophisticated technologies enable companies to connect internally and beyond to their customers. One-size-fits-all need not apply to our unique web solutions.

We work closely with customers to go above and beyond merely hosting a site by providing unique networks, database capabilities, application version control, code API's, portals and more. All work is documented, managed and monitored saving time and the hassle of contacting multiple vendors.

Matrix & Core — Beautiful

Gatelets Matrix provides a beautiful environment for developing enterprise-level Web SaaS applications and data-driven portals. Matrix supports powerful security models, dashboards with flexible pages and templates, file management and much, much more. Built on top of our other services, Gatelets customizes Matrix to meet your enterprise business needs.

  • Reliable and Secure - companies, users, groups and more
  • Extensible Java APIs
  • Workspaces, Dashboards & templatized pages
  • Centralized (categorized) File Management
  • Personal (sharable) pages for activating content
  • Pain-free — no user/company limitations & fully hosted

We expect to make Matrix available for trials Fall 2014. If you are interested in learning more about Matrix or trying it out in the Fall, please email customercare@gatelets.com

ScienceMedia Case Study   Vertical Case Study

ScienceMedia has successfully developed compelling content used by top life science companies for over 20 years. The most advanced theories in cognitive learning are utilized to develop educational material that facilitates greater comprehension across differing types of learners in the organization. The SMi Source library contains over 10,000 content segments in disease states, treatments, MOAs, and drug development.

sciencemedia.com    /    sciencelearningsource.com

SMi Source:

Learn, Build, Store

SMi Source addresses critical questions Life Science companies have when trying to drive learning to an increasingly mobile workforce throughout their organizations.

ScienceMedia partnered with Gatelets to build SMi Source...

Gatelets SMi Source Study   /    About SMi Source

Watch some useful videos...

Source Overview
Searching & Viewing
Optimizing Results

One stop. Your Web Application.

Years of experience, crazy enthusiasm and a touch of brilliance enables Gatelets to help you ideate, develop and activate your Web applications. For us, the challenge is not about making a "site", but rather a desire to help companies create dynamic and extensible business solutions.

Gatelets Core

The 'engine' on which we develop our applications and services — with Java at its core — delivers business logic and services needed to build beautiful and powerful applications. It includes all that techie stuff we love (security, database handling, caching services, object pooling, messaging, commerce auditing and more), but you never need to see — just enjoy awesome applications.

Gatelets Matrix

Matrix provides a beautiful environment for developing enterprise-level Web SaaS applications and data-driven portals — powerful security models, dashboards with flexible pages and templates, file management and much, much more. Built on top of our other services, Gatelets can customize Matrix to meet your business needs.

Gatelets Managed IT

Managed IT services for on-premise installation, collocated data centers and cloud-based service. We can scale from a couple of machines or services to thousands — application services also include product life-cycle support to ensure your applications are tested, secure and efficiently deployed.

Some recent work

Gatelets is focused on building customer Web applications and our own software solutions. We love working with our customers on significant solutions that help shape their business for years to come.

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