A look at the Vertical ecosystem

"Vertical has enjoyed a long-standing, give-and-take partnership with Gatelets for several years, at this point they are not really a vendor — they serve as an extension of my staff" said Steven De Korne, Vertical's Vice President of Marketing. "They have always risen to whatever challenge we have presented them with, and there have been many" he added.

Custom(er) Brilliance

Break out of the box and compete in a world of increasingly connected devices and business systems. Streamlined in appearance and functionality, our sophisticated technologies enable companies to connect internally and beyond to their customers. One-size-fits-all need not apply to our unique web solutions.

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Web Ecosystems

Your business is your specialty; ensuring it runs properly is ours. Our sophisticated framework lets you quickly and cost-effectively create, manage and adapt your Web presence so that it's continuously accessible, usable and relevant.

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Full Service

We work closely with customers to go above and beyond merely hosting a site by providing unique networks, database capabilities, application version control, code API's, portals and more. All work is documented, managed and monitored saving time and the hassle of contacting multiple vendors.

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Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders is a premier general contractor in the Bay Area. With expertise in complex residential and light commercial construction, we specialize in all aspects of custom building from historical renovations, remodels, and retrofitting to unique ground-up projects.

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For more than 40 years, Taral Plastics has manufactured high-quality plastic jars and closures, meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers through superior production, prompt delivery, and an unmatched level of personal service.

Working hand-in-hand with Wonderful, Gatelets has transformed this business online and ensured that it is ahead of the competitive pack.

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The Latest

Gatelets releases SMi Source 2.5.

Gatelets releases SMi Source 2.5. This release includes:
1. Various application fixes and user interface improvements.
2. Over 4000 new topic...
posted: : 02/28/2014

Vertical releases Wave Answers 1.0

Wave Answers provides an easily accessible environment for end-users to learn how to use Vertical products focusing on feature...
posted: : 02/18/2014

Gatelets signs on Vapore

Gatelets and Vapore have entered a multi-year contract starting January 2014. Gatelets will be responsible for developing new Web sites and services...
posted: : 01/21/2014

A better ViewPoint - Vertical Case Study

Vertical Communications, Inc. is an international provider of advanced telecommunication technologies and platforms for B2B companies. Their company...
posted: : 12/30/2013

  • Peta Cappello, CEO

    Sebenza LLC engaged Gatelets to revamp an older site and provide new custom functionality. Our key objectives were for Gatelets to deliver a Web site that our employees can manage whenever changes or additions are needed and for the site to provide the ability to handle timesheet submissions. Gatelets polished our existing brand and...

  • Joel O'Camb

    Gatelets team and services are the best available for website design, infrastructure, and data management.  They provided a complete redesign of our website and data management that has been revered by our customers and  greatly cherished by our employees.

  • Juergen Swienty-Busch, Dev Director Elsevier

    Gatelets are a pleasure to work with, not only because they are very responsive and provide a great service at a good value, but also because of their creative ideas and understanding of the business. This makes the development process from ideation to implementation very easy and guarantees a speedy delivery of results, an important...

  • Mark Surles, CEO Sciencemedia

    Our project delivered an interactive site that queried a proprietary database, supported client logins, and showed multiple user-specific workflows. This was delivered with more function and in 1/8th the time I had expected based on outsourcing many prior web projects.

  • Nick Chappell, Software Architect The Henry Wine Group

    I've been in software development for 20 years and Jean is the only person I've encountered with true marketing and web-design talents in combination with the level of software-engineering skills necessary to adequately realize those abilities.

    Gatelets is a testament to Jean's highly-perceptive insight into the problems companies...

  • Dan Pelsinger, Founder Matarozzi Pelsinger

    We hired Gatelets to build our new website. Within the first few days of our collaboration, it became clear that we had partnered with top-level business strategists, designers, and programmers all rolled into one. In a highly specialized world, their breadth of expertise was very, very refreshing.
    Their broad spectrum of skills meant...

  • Marc Abrams, Marketing Director MOCET

    I've worked with the Gatelets team for several years on both large and small implementations of sophisticated websites and applications with great success.

    Gatelets understands how to deliver a quality, scalable web app with great design. My colleagues and customers have been impressed with the quality, speed, and usability of the work...

  • Mikaela South, Owner

    Gatelets simplified the daunting task of creating my brand and web presence.  Their ability to cultivate a creative, organized, professional and relaxed atmosphere when working together is evident in the successful progress of my cosmetic business. They are humble and assertive, and more importantly know how to engage people, which allows...

  • Shane Curnyn, Architect Matarozzi Pelsinger

    Jean is a force of nature. He is one of those rare individuals whose skill set covers the spectrum from concept/strategy to the actual nuts and bolts of implementation... and he has the energy to match.

    His ability to approach a project simultaneously from both bottom-up and top-down perspectives allows him to quickly leap-frog to an...

  • Tim Hoctor, VP Sales Elsevier

    Jean's work ethic and dedication are among the best in the Valley. His ability to conceive, define, and implement technical and business initiatives is outstanding.  And his personal management style in representing his reports is equally strong.

Wave Answers provides an easily accessible environment for end-users to learn how to use Vertical products focusing on feature functionality...

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