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SMi Source

Gatelets provides the application and web development services allowing SMi to deliver sophisticated training material to Life Science users worldwide, across multiple devices.



We have a long-standing partnership with Vertical. As they grow, Gatelets supports new and existing projects within our ecosystem — portals, lead management, help systems and more.


"In addition to their technical know-how, what is of even greater importance to us is the customer service they provide."

"The Gatelets team — is truly one worthy of the title "Electronic Masters." I would normally use the term Web Masters, but frankly, Gatelets is much more than just a web company. Their extensive knowledge of and expertise in the online world encompasses far more than basic web site design and execution. They understand the intricacies and inter-workings of integrating the latest technologies and architectures to provide customers and their end-users with a unique solution and visually stimulating interactive experience that exceeds expectations. Vertical Communications has enjoyed a long-standing, give-and-take partnership with Gatelets for several years. They have always risen to whatever challenge we have presented them with (and there have been many) with a fresh perspective and positive, "we'll find a way to make it work" attitude. In addition to their technical know-how, what is of even greater importance to us is the customer service they provide. No "SLAs" required; they just do whatever it takes to get the job done, are able to prioritize and juggle priorities as needed, and always with an approach that there's a positive solution because they know what's right and what will work for us. We value their counsel and highly recommend others seek it, too. They will benefit greatly from it as we have."

Steven De Korne, Vice President, Vertical Communications Inc.

Some of the things customers have said...

  • We hired Gatelets to build our new website. Within the first few days of our collaboration, it became clear that we had partnered with a top-level business strategist, designer, and programmer all rolled into one. In a highly specialized world, their breadth of expertise was very, very refreshing.
    Dan Pelsinger, Founder
    Matarozzi Pelsinger
  • Vertical has been working with Gatelets for several years now, having partnered with Jean and his team to build out our partner portal V-Connect (leveraging Gatelets' technology) and a variety of other mission-critical applications such as Vertical Tracker. Gatelets does great work but perhaps more importantly is a true partner with its customers, offering inventive insights and accountability with respect to the projects Gatelets drives on behalf of its customers. Vertical continues to be thrilled with their work.
    Peter Bailey, CEO
  • We made a business critical decision to outsource IT services to Gatelets and the result has been fantastic. We work with Gatelets on several mission-critical projects and they continue to deliver as planned and on schedule. Their in-depth understanding of our business systems and processes helps us to move forward faster and more cost-effectively. Gatelets has managed to tie everything together with their Web software solutions, exposing data to our internal users and customers in cutting-edge ways.
    Ed Hogan, CEO
    The Henry Wine Group
  • We approached Gatelets to build an enterprise SaaS application enabling Life Science customers to query our very large and complex Source database. This was delivered with more function and in 1/8th the time I had expected based on outsourcing many prior web projects.
    Mark Surles, CEO
  • Gatelets is a pleasure to work with, not only because they are very responsive and provide a great service at a good value, but also because of their creative ideas and understanding of the business. This makes the development process from ideation to implementation very easy and guarantees a speedy delivery of results — an important requirement these days.
    Juergen Swienty-Busch, Development Director
  • I have known and worked with Jean for +10 years. I consider Jean's technical expertise and vision to be at the highest levels. He brings a keen forward-thinking and innovative approach to product definition, resulting in a solution that fills a clear whitespace in the market. Jean's management expertise and clear passion enable his commercial and technical teams to be confident in their abilities to develop and communicate to customers a product that provides clear and understandable ROI. His energy and team leadership make Jean a standout in recruiting, motivating and developing talent as well as delivering enterprise-ready product and service.
    Tim Hoctor, Vice President
  • Gatelets' creative team provided attention to details with a level of professionalism that allowed them to produce a website that exceeded my expectations.
    Anna Vue, Owner
    Solsken PR
  • We've had the pleasure to partner with Gatelets on a number of creative assignments that involved website development, online marketing campaigns, and development of channel marketing sites that required the management of users & groups and databases. Gatelets has a very keen understanding of how to build a company's website and online environments that serve both audiences inside and outside of the organization — from front end to back end. If you're a small to medium size company with a need to improve communications with your channel, develop asset management tools for your sales and marketing groups, or need to implement a more savvy technical plan, Gatelets should be on the short list of people to talk to.
    Steve Perham, Creative Director
  • I've worked with the Gatelets team for several years on both large and small implementations of sophisticated applications with great success. Gatelets understands how to deliver a quality, scalable web app with great design. My colleagues and customers have been impressed with the quality, speed, and usability of the work and I highly recommend his work to all that have asked.
    Marc Abrams, Director Communication Applications
    Ultra Mobile