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Case Study: MyPurmist


MyPurMist delivers advanced humidification products with the patented Capillary Force Vaporizer — "CFV" technology that generates instant, germ free steam benefiting those who experience upper and lower respiratory symptoms like sinus congestion, dryness, allergies, sinusitis and allergic asthma.



Launch a newly designed, searchable and scalable online retail presence.


Create a frontend system enabling users to search, compare and purchase MyPurMist products.


Create a backend system for loading and managing product inventory and compiling and exporting detailed reports.

The Challenge

Founders, CEO Lars Barfod and company President Varun Nanda, engaged Gatelets to develop a web ecosystem to manage and support their growing online presence.

The Solution

Gatelets prototyped four designs for the MyPurMist team. Once the final design was selected, we worked closely with their web team to develop and deploy a feature-rich online retail store.

The overall system structure includes a frontend that enables users to search, compare and purchase the MyPurMist product, as well as a complex backend administrative environment. The backend provides tools to manage high–volume orders and run detailed reports on system activity and also interfaces with various third-party systems including fulfillment with Fosdick, UPS, Amazon Services and more.

The Result

A robust website that provides rich functionality including product search, product comparison and ordering, blogs, testimonials and much more. The original site design (it has since changed over the years) was intended to be clean and minimalist. In 2018, a French version was added.