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Case Study: Vertical Tracker

Over the course of more than eight years and over 20 products and web applications, the relationship forged between Gatelets and Vertical has produced a cohesive network that provides the support needed to handle the demands of a thriving telecommunications corporation.


Vertical Communications is a leading provider of advanced communications platforms and applications for B2B enterprises across a variety of industries including retail, automotive, health care and hospitality.

Project: Vertical Sales Tracker

Objective 1

Build a SaaS solution to track and analyze lead and sales opportunities and provide executives and sales team members with a unified view of the life cycle all sales prospects.

Objective 2

Improve lead generation, sales tracking, data analysis, and reporting across multiple sales teams and managers.

The Challenge

When Vertical realized SalesForce/Netsuite proved to be too expensive for a custom sales tracking solution, they engaged Gatelets to define and build a custom platform that best fit Vertical's business needs in supporting their sales goals.

The Solution

Leveraging AWS features including S3 Storage, Elastic Cloud, RDMS, email and more, the Tracker system provides a CRM–like interface enabling Vertical's sales force to see a company in its entirety — people, activities, tasks, opportunities and leads. Each and every activity is tracked and recorded and tasks can be assigned to drive activity and accountability.

Tracker provides different data and features based on assigned roles within the system. For Executives/Managers, they can view sales dashboards and run extensive reports: forecasting, pipelines, win/loss, wins-to-goals, stalled and more. Account Managers are able to manage their leads and opportunities and view a clear progression of activities that ultimately result in a win or loss.

Using extensive data, the system also utilizes an intelligent assistant to automatically drive activities and push notifications to help account managers identify next steps.

Other key features include auto assigning Sales Engineers to new opportunities to provide technical support and a "sales desk" that provides users access to the latest and most pertinent presentations and sales collateral.

Gatelets provides custom coding, maintenance, support and Hosting on AWS; as well as behind the scenes enterprise support, 24/7 monitoring and system auditing to ensure system stability and efficiency.

The Result

Armed with enhanced informational organization and improved analytical data and reporting, the Tracker system provides a framework for over 20,000 sales opportunities and is a central hub for Vertical Communications.

As of 2108, Tracker was significantly upgraded with new functionality including:

  • Ability to generate custom Dashboards based on sales type
  • New A/B reporting within the system to understand sales better
  • Leaders and Losers Dashboard
  • Ability to run queries on any sales person: stalled leads, high priority next actions, activity in month/year, current pipeline, wins in year, opportunities requiring updates
  • Report Dashboard for Management: New customer proposals, Month Forecast, Total Pipeline, Product Demos, Product Forecasting, Initial Customer Meetings, Win/Loss
  • Decision New Leads Reporting: Lead Source, Leads in last 10 days, Stalled, Pipeline, Average Days to Convert, % loss