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Case Study: V–Connect

Over the course of more than eight years and over 20 products and web applications, the relationship forged between Gatelets and Vertical has produced a cohesive network that provides the support needed to handle the demands of a thriving telecommunications corporation.


Vertical Communications is a leading provider of advanced communications platforms and applications for B2B enterprises across a variety of industries including retail, automotive, health care and hospitality.

Project: V-Connect Customer Portal and Service Integrator


Upgrade a slow and outdated extranet site to an application that is accessible, functional, responsive and content rich to provide Vertical's dealer network with the latest product information, and training.

Vertical has enjoyed a long-standing, give-and-take partnership with Gatelets for several years. At this point they are not really a vendor – they serve as an extension of my staff.
Steven De Korne, Vice President of Marketing.
Vertical Communications

The Challenge

Prior to Gatelets, Vertical struggled with an extranet system that was anything but speedy. In addition to a system that physically ran slow, updates to the system were time-consuming and trouble shooting complications were further compounded by third-party interference. "The old system was a hosted system with a five-year-old software package," recalls Steven De Korne, Vertical's Vice President of Marketing. "It looked outdated and ran very slow. If an end user had an issue, the system would send a delayed email to us, then we would have to call in if we could not fix the issue... results were unhappy people."

The Solution

Streamlined functionality. Gatelets developed an application with one simple login giving users instant access to products and services from any browser or mobile device. At login, a user's profile information is also passed through instantaneously to third-party services such as Vertical's Warranty Management allowing access to Customer Care.

Specific product information is now consolidated in bundles allowing easy navigation to key content, files, product news and events.

Gatelets has really streamlined the architecture and functionality, said Andy Faulkner, Vertical's Marketing Manager . It's more intuitive and user friendly, which were our goals from a user and administrative perspective.

Also fully integrated in the V-Connect system is Vertical University, an online training system that enables users to further their knowledge by registering for online and instructor-led training classes. "Gatelets has made Vertical University a one-stop for all training and course-related product needs," said Faulkner. "Dealers now go to the University to check for new courses, which never was the case before."

The Result

V-Connect, Vertical's key platform, is perhaps the best example of a web-based solution to the company's need to unite dealers with direct access to product information and training content. The V-Connect portal platform enables over 2,000 companies and 6,000 users to quickly access product information.

Vertical now maintains full control of their own system; and with the launch of V-Connect has come an increase in user knowledge and productivity. Issues that were once a burden, such as a password reset, are now able to be resolved easily without a middleman and within seconds.

Gatelets has always risen to whatever challenge we have presented them with, and there have been many
De Korne
Vertical Communications

Looking Ahead

Gatelets continues to support new and existing projects within Vertical's ecosystem – portals, sales tracking, lead management, help systems and more.